You love what you do … but you hate those awkward sales conversations. When you think about selling … you go cold! You don’t know what to say or what to ask for … and end up saying nothing and feeling frustrated …. Or saying something you wish you hadn’t. Are you guilty of putting off making phone calls with your clients, even when you know you have something amazing to offer that can really help them?  

Let’s flip your thinking!  

Imagine what it would feel like if you had your own personal sales style and system, feeling completely confident and comfortable to talk about your business, share your products or services without fear or self-doubt. Imagine that you have the right words, the right things to say and do and it makes connecting with new clients so much easier … even fun!  

I know selling does not come naturally to most, I’ve seen it time and again in my 20 plus years in sales and coaching women in business. I also know it’s an area of business that demands confidence, compassion and, to be honest, a road map to success. Let me help you find that road map.  

It is my mission to teach the world to sell, in perfect harmony.  

Work with me and …  

You will have confidence in yourself.  

To engage with people and share about you in a way that makes them want to know more. And if you want to stand up tall and shout from the mountain tops that what you are sharing with the world is worth listening to.  

Then I can help with that too. You will have the confidence to sell from your heart not your head. You will know how to take your best prospects on a tailored buying journey, knowing each step to take that is in alignment with you and your values.  

To join me for The 8-week Group Coaching Program

Unearth your personal sales style and system

Master these essentials in our 8 weeks together!

Feel confident, comfortable and successful with your own personal sales style and system.

MEpowered Selling is THE 8-Week Group Coaching Program, where I guide and coach you. I am currently taking waitlist interviews for my next group of 8 to start later in the year. 

There are only 8 spots - and I fill most of them from this waitlist before I let others know.

The 8-Week Group Coaching Program has been purposefully crafted for heart centred women in business who are stuck in their fear of sales; who want to make significant shifts and breakthroughs in their business in 2019. 

This program is for women in business who want more. They want to feel confident in engaging with and winning new clients so they can create a sustainable and thriving business, built around their passion.  

This is an intimate experience for each of my participants, as well as 1:1 coaching with me, I have capped this program to only 8 people. Some spots are already taken - so there are limited spots available.

Not sure if you this is the program for you? I invite you to book in a complimentary 30 minute chat with me and I will gift you a free Masterclass that I feel with help you the most out of my collection.


This is a unique online program created just for women in business. It is not your typical online program. It is a curated experience to ensure you get the attention, strategy and collective ideas that you need to take your sales and business to the next level. My clients tell me they love that it covers all the learning styles, and gives them options based on how they learn best and the best part is that I give you the 1:1 attention you need.

Here is a breakdown of what you will receive when you join this program:  

Every Monday morning you receive that week’s learning module. 

Including: 1) A Video covering the topic - approximately 15 -20 minutes 2) A Comprehensive Workbook with exercises & examples for your to work through 

PLUS Unlimited email support and access to a Private Facebook Group.  

Each week we meet online via Zoom. This allows you to focus, to go deeper into the learning modules and importantly how you apply them to your business. 

This is where we craft your very own unique sales style and system. 

These sessions run for two hours and are recorded for future access and review during and beyond the 8 weeks.  

This closed private Facebook group is a great place to connect with me and your cohort. It delivers a place for testing new ideas, support and motivation.  

I will be visiting the group regularly to share ideas and answer any questions.  

To ensure you get the Me Power you need, we will have 2 x 30 minute one-on-one coaching sessions live via Zoom. One at each end of the course so you can prepare and make the most of what you have learned.  

These sessions are recorded and available to you for future access.  

And increase your revenue and work with clients you love?

Still not sure if you this is the program for you? I invite you to book in a complimentary 30 minute chat with me. 

+ Women in business who are have been in business for a number of years. 

 + You are passionate and skilled in your business, but your fear of being too salesy is holding you back.  

+ You want a flow of prospects that you can have sales conversations with.  

+ You want to focus on the sales tasks that will deliver the best outcomes.  

+ You want people to buy from you in a way that fits your vision and purpose and in a way that makes you feel confident and proud.  

+ You are ready to level up and make a commitment to be accountable to work on your business and yourself. 

 +You are not ready to learn new skills and make a commitment to this program.  

+ You cannot commit to the weekly Coaching Sessions on a consistent basis.  

+ You are not in a financial position to invest in yourself and your business or this investment will result in financial hardship.  

+ You are not passionate about creating your own personal sales style & system.  


Here is an overview of everything you will receive in the MEpowered Selling 8 Week Group Coaching Program:

That is a total value of $5,353  

The total investment for MEpowered Selling, the 8-Week Group Coaching Program is $1,297 or three payments of $457 

Lifetime access to the KISS To Sell Training Videos 12 months access to the recorded coaching calls Discounts on all future KISS To Sell training & coaching programs 

To join the MEpowered Selling 8 Week Coaching Program;

Book in a 30 minute complimentary chat with me so we can make sure this program is the right fit for you. I can also answer any questions you may have with regards to the program. 


Here's the breakdown of MEpowered Selling the 8-Week Group Coaching Program....  

There are 8 modules in the program. 

Before you begin the program there will be a short questionnaire to uncover where you are currently at as a salesperson. In this questionnaire we will explore how you think and feel about sales now.

My name is Frances Pratt.  

I know selling and I’ll tell you a little secret … I love it too!  

Selling has been part of my life for over 20 years and in every industry and size of business, I have had success.  

While I loves sales, I also know that for most people selling is probably not in their top 10 favourite pastimes. In fact many people go a step further and say they hate sales.  

Whatever your feelings about the process of selling, sales is the lifeblood of your business. If you are a small business owner then you have to be the sales champion.  

My mission is to help people demystify “sales” and show them how to make selling part of what they do every day … so it really doesn’t seem like selling at all.  

I would love to work with you and share the lessons I have learnt so that you too can unearth your own personal sales style and system.

I look forward to helping you power up your sales skills, increase your revenue and work with the ideal clients that you have always wanted.  

If you have any questions please email me at  

For the love of selling and to your sales success!  

Founder of KISS to Sell and Proven Sales Champion! 


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