Create Visual Content that Connects using Canva Workshop

Are you a beginner at Canva or you have an account with Canva, but would love to learn how to create stunning visual content that connects with your ideal audience? Would you like to be able to create on-brand visual content that is consistent with your branding colours &&fonts? This intimate and interactive workshop has been designed just for you! This workshop will help you build your foundation of skills so that you gain the confidence to create your very own beautiful on-brand visual content. Read on to find out more ...  


I invite you to this interactive workshop in conjunction with Women of Whitehorse on the 27th August in Blackburn. 10.30am - 12.30pm  

Not sure what Canva is?  

Canva is a free online graphic design tool. You can easily create beautiful designs + documents for all your visual marketing needs.  

You can use Canva's drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts to consistently design stunning graphics.  

Here's what I'll be teaching...

CANVA 101 

Learn the basics of Canva or consolidate your basic skills to gain more confidence.

When you build a foundation of skills it will make it simple and easy to create gorgeous on-brand consistent visual content.


I will share my tips and tricks that I have learnt over the past 6 years of using Canva.  

People are amazed at how quick I am on Canva! Yes, I've had plenty of practice, but I also use other nifty tools & royalty free image websites in conjunction with Canva that makes all the difference to my designs.  


If you are creating regular visual content, Canva Work is a must business upgrade. This goes way beyond snapping pretty product photos. I'll show you how to create audiovisual assets that tell your full story and draw customers in.  


Integrate your branding consistently Consistent branding helps you build your 'know-like-trust' factor with your ideal audience. I will share some insights in how you go about creating your own Soulful Brand Framework.  


Learn how to create 4 pieces of visual content from one marketing activity. We all want to leverage our content and our time. I will show you how to create 4 pieces of visual content from one marketing activity, for example a Blog post, Masterclass or Event.  

Hi, I'm Sarah

The day I discovered Canva 'changed my life'. Big call, I know! I started using Canva back in 2012 when it was first launched, creating images for myself and clients. At the time I was looking at studying graphic design but quickly realised that Canva was the tool I needed, not some fancy expensive software or another degree. Today, I am able to couple up my love for marketing and my creativity to help women in business map out authentic Content Creation Strategies, which are supported by Soulful Brand Frameworks. My mission is to help women in business gain the skills they need so that they have the confidence to consistently connect with themselves, their brand and their ideal audience. I hope to see you at my upcoming workshop!  

’'Sarah gave me permission to step away from using one single branding colour and unleash my creative spark to create marketing collateral with some additional colours that align perfectly with my personality, love of bright colours and vision for my business.  

I am so grateful to Sarah for following her dream and creating the Canva course as it has enhanced my confidence in designing social media and marketing communications, that help me attract and engage with my ideal clients. Canva is a fantastic and easy to use design tool and I would highly recommend working with Sarah to use it within your business."  

Melissa Mills - Likeminded Souls Healing Therapies

To recap:  

This workshop is for women in business who are either beginners at Canva or would like to polish up their skills.  

You can bring along your laptop and work directly in your Canva Account alongside a comprehensive workbook. If you don't have an account, you can simply sign up before the workshop and I will help get you set up!

You will learn:  

+ A basic overview of Canva. + The Tips & Tricks I have learnt from using Canva for 6 years. You will also receive a printed summary of my ‘Bag of Tricks’. This will be your go-to document. + An introduction to Canva Work and why it saves me time and money daily. + The Soulful Brand Framework basics and how this will impact your visual content. + How to leverage your marketing activities into multiple pieces of content.  

WILL WE SEE YOU ON THE 27TH AUGUST? Be quick as this interactive workshop is limited to only 12 women in business.  

Ticket Price: $77.00